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Rooms, reservations, check-in & check-out

How do I reserve a room?

Click here to make a reservation. For corporate enquiries, contact us at +6733286392, or drop us an email at

Can I change the check-in date after my reservation has been confirmed?

Yes, contact us at +6733286392 to make changes to your reservation.

Is my ID or passport required at check-in?

Yes. We require proof of identity via a valid government-issued identification at the time of check-in.

Can I get my corporate rate when making a reservation online?

For corporate enquiries, contact us at +6733286392, or drop us an email at

What are the standard check-in and check-out times of the hotel?

Our standard check-in time starts at 2pm. If you wish to check-in earlier, please give our front desk a call and we will do our best to find you a room that’s ready.

Our standard check-out time is until 12pm. Late departures up to 4.00 pm are subject to a half-day rate, and departing after 6.00 pm is subject to a full-day rate. If you wish to check-out later, please speak to our front desk staff and we will do our best to accommodate you based on the availability of the rooms

How late is the hotel open for check-in?

Please notify the hotel ahead of time should you require late check-in, especially after midnight.

Do you have connecting rooms?

Only selected rooms are connected. You may make a request for connecting rooms, however, these rooms are subject to availability.

Do you have room service?

Our 11 Degree Sports Café provides room service to our in-house guests. Last order will be at 9.00pm daily

Does the hotel provide extra beds?

Yes, we do provide an extra bed at an additional charge of BND60.00 per night.

Are baby cots available for the rooms?

Baby cots are available on request.

Do you offer wake up call services?

Yes, we offer wakeup call services available through our hotel operator.

Are there telephones available?

Yes, telephones are available in every room. Additional charges may apply.

Rates, cancellations, charges & payment

Are the rates quoted inclusive of service charge?

All rates quoted are exclusive of 10% service charge.

What forms of payment are accepted to pay for my room?

We accept cash payment and major credit/debit cards such as American Express, Visa & Mastercard. If you would like to check-in to the hotel, we will ask for a deposit depending on how many nights you are staying with us.

What are the Payment Policies?

Unless otherwise stated at the time of booking, payment must be guaranteed on arrival. A valid credit card is required and will be authorized for the full amount of the stay including incidentals.

While most authorisations release immediately upon departure, some credit authorisations may take up to 14 days to release depending on the issuing bank. The hotel is not responsible for any fees or inconvenience that may result. If you are experiencing an issue with a pending authorisation, please contact the issuing bank by calling the number on the back of the card, and feel free to contact the front desk if they require the hotel’s assistance in getting an approval released.

We accept the following payment types: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Diner’s Club and JCB.

Foreign currencies are not accepted, nor exchanged, but locations for these services are nearby (please contact our front desk).

Is free breakfast included with the room rates?

All room rates are inclusive of 2 complimentary breakfasts.

Can I get my corporate rate when making a reservation online?

For corporate enquiries, contact us at +6733286392, or drop us an email at

How can I modify my booking? Is there any cancellation policy?

Please contact the hotel to change or cancel your booking. We require a minimum of 48 hours notice for cancellation. Failure to do so will result in a one-night stay, inclusive of the 10% service charge, being imposed.

Can I pay when I leave?

Yes. You can settle your bill upon departure.

Is the price per person or per room?

The rate is per room per night except for Double Decker room at which the rate charged is per person.

Conveniences, security & special considerations

What languages does your reception speak?

English and Malay.

What are the reception staffing hours at Hotel Gateway Express?

Hotel Gateway Express reception is available to assist you 24 hours a day.

Where will the breakfast be served and at what time?

Breakfast buffet is served at the 11 Degree Sports Café, located at the hotel, from 6.30 am - 11.00 am.

I have special dietary needs. Can you accommodate?

Yes. We are very pleased to advise you that we can cater to your special diet needs as much as possible.

Is the food served in the restaurant “Halal”?

Yes. The food served is "Halal", which complies with Brunei Darussalam's Syariah Law.

Is there a safety deposit box available at the hotel?

Yes, there is a safety deposit box in every guest room, which is large enough to fit most laptop computers. We also have a storage area available at the Front Desk, which is free of charge for our guests.

The hotel is not liable for the theft, loss, damage or destruction of the property in the absence of gross negligence on the part of the Hotel or its employees. The hotel will make every effort to retrieve and hold any items accidentally left behind for up to 30 days.

What lock and additional security devices are on the guestroom doors?

All our buildings and guestrooms require key card access for entry and we have staff available on property 24 hours a day.

Do you have luggage and storage facilities?

In case of early arrival you may leave your luggage at the hotel. Also upon your check-out, your luggage may be left at the hotel until the end of the day

Can I drop off my bags at the front door?

Yes, certainly. Our Porters or Concierge are here to help your luggage upon arrival, and can store it for you before departure.

How many floors does Hotel Gateway Express have and is there an elevator (lift)?

We have 6 floors and 2 elevators/lifts.

Do you have internet access available?

We offer complimentary Wi-Fi internet access in all guest rooms and public areas.

Is there a concierge? What specific services are provided by the concierge?

Yes, concierge service is available at our front desk. Our team is well versed with regards to local dining, attractions, transportation arrangements and the national events calendar.

How do I go about getting flowers, chocolates, gifts sent to the room, if I need to?

You may contact our hotel concierge to assist you with additional needs.

Do you have laundry services?

Yes, we can provide professional laundry services. Please contact our front desk for assistance.

The hotel is not responsible for loss or damage but will make every effort to work with the laundry provider and the guest to form a resolution should a problem occur.

Does the hotel allow pets?

No, we do not allow pets.

Do you have any smoking rooms in your hotel?

We do not have any smoking rooms. No smoking is allowed in the rooms and within the hotel premises. Smoking in the rooms or tampering with the smoke detectors will result in a cleaning fee of B$100.00 and continued non-compliance will result in dismissal from our property.

Damage to the Room, Fixtures, or Items

Any type of damage to our room, its fixtures, or the loss or damage to items in the room will result in a charge that will be at the discretion of management.

Communication & business conveniences

Do you have internet access available?

We offer complimentary Wi-Fi internet access in all guest rooms and public areas.

Is there any cell phone coverage at the property?


Where is the nearest bank or currency exchange?

Baiduri Bank is located at the same building of the hotel. As for currency exchange, we can assist with this service.

Transportation & parking

Do you have taxi / cab services available?

Taxis are available and can be arranged through our front desk. A 30 minutes grace period is requested. We also have Chauffeur services offered by the hotel.

Can you arrange for airport transfer / pick up? How much will it be?

Yes. If you wish to be collected from the airport upon arrival, please get in touch with us in advance or send your inquiry to and provide us your complete flight details, your name and your phone number. Transportation will then be arranged and the rate will be confirmed upon request.

Surrounding environment & general knowledge

How far is the hotel from the airport?

Hotel Gateway Express is approximately 60 minutes from both the Brunei International Airport and Miri Airport.

What is the local currency?

BND - Brunei Dollar.

Does the hotel offer a Tourist Information Service?

Our concierge team will be happy to assist you!

What is the distance to the nearest Hospital?

The Suri Seri Begawan Hospital is 3km away from the Hotel, which is about 5 minutes by car.

How far is the hotel from the downtown shopping areas?

We’re 5-10 minutes away from the nearest grocery stores and Kuala Belait town area.

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